Welcker v Dimension Development Company, Inc.

Roxanne Welcker v. Dimension Development Company, Inc., et. al., Case Number 22STCV06409

The Superior Court for the State of California authorized the Notice. Read it carefully!
It’s not junk mail, spam, an advertisement, or solicitation by a lawyer. You are not being sued.

You may be eligible to receive money from an employee class action lawsuit (“Action”) against G&B Hotel Employee Leasing, LLC, Dimension Development Company, Inc. and Dimension Development Two (abbreviate name; “Defendants” is used herein as a placeholder) for alleged wage and hour violations. The Action was filed by a former employee, Roxanne Welcker (“Plaintiff”) and seeks payment of (1) minimum wages, (2) overtime wages, (3) premium wages in lieu of meal and rest breaks, (4) reimbursement of business expenses, and (5) final wages for a class of non-exempt employees (“Class Members”) who worked for DEFENDANTS during the Class Period (November 9, 2018 to March 27, 2023).

The proposed Settlement is a Class Settlement requiring Defendants to fund Individual Class Payments.

Based on Defendants’ records, and the Parties’ current assumptions, your estimated Individual Class Payment can be found on the Notice you were mailed. The actual amount you may receive likely will be different and will depend on a number of factors.

The estimated Individual Class Payment is based on Defendants’ records showing your total Workweeks during the Class Period. You total Workweeks can be found on the Notice you were mailed. If you believe that you worked more workweeks during this period, you can submit a challenge by the deadline date. See Section 4 of the Notice found HERE.

The Court has already preliminarily approved the proposed Settlement and approved the Notice. The Court has not yet decided whether to grant final approval. Your legal rights are affected whether you act or not act. Read this Notice carefully. You will be deemed to have carefully read and understood it. At the Final Approval Hearing, the Court will decide whether to finally approve the Settlement and how much of the Settlement will be paid to Plaintiff and Plaintiff’s attorneys (“Class Counsel”). The Court will also decide whether to enter a judgment that requires Defendants to make payments under the Settlement and requires Class Members and Aggrieved Employees to give up their rights to assert certain claims against Defendants.

If you worked for Defendants during the Class Period, you have two basic options under the Settlement:

(1) Do Nothing. You don’t have to do anything to participate in the proposed Settlement and be eligible for an Individual Class Payment. As a Participating Class Member, though, you will give up your right to assert Class Period wage claims against Defendants.

(2) Opt-Out of the Class Settlement. You can exclude yourself from the Class Settlement (opt-out) by submitting the written Request for Exclusion or otherwise notifying the Administrator in writing. If you opt-out of the Settlement, you will not receive an Individual Class Payment. You will, however, preserve your right to personally pursue Class Period wage claims against Defendants.

DEFENDANTS will not retaliate against you for any actions you take with respect to the proposed Settlement.

You Don’t Have to Do Anything to Participate in the SettlementIf you do nothing, you will be a Participating Class Member, eligible for an Individual Class Payment. In exchange, you will give up your right to assert the wage claims against Defendants that are covered by this Settlement (Released Class Claims).
You Can Opt-out of the Class Settlement

The Opt-out Deadline is March 4, 2024
If you don’t want to fully participate in the proposed Settlement, you can opt-out of the Class Settlement by sending the Administrator a written Request for Exclusion. Once excluded, you will be a Non-Participating Class Member and no longer eligible for an Individual Class Payment. Non-Participating Class Members cannot object to any portion of the proposed Settlement. See Section 6 of the Notice found HERE.
Participating Class Members Can Object to the Class Settlement

Written Objections Must be Submitted by March 4, 2024
All Class Members who do not opt-out (“Participating Class Members”) can object to any aspect of the proposed Settlement. The Court’s decision whether to finally approve the Settlement will include a determination of how much will be paid to Class Counsel and Plaintiff who pursued the Action on behalf of the Class. You are not personally responsible for any payments to Class Counsel or Plaintiff, but every dollar paid to Class Counsel and Plaintiff reduces the overall amount paid to Participating Class Members.

You can object to the amounts requested by Class Counsel or Plaintiff if you think they are unreasonable. See Section 7 of the Notice found HERE.
You Can Participate in the Final Approval HearingThe Court’s Final Approval Hearing is scheduled to take place on May 17, 2024. You don’t have to attend but you do have the right to appear (or hire an attorney to appear on your behalf at your own cost), in person, by telephone or by using the Court’s virtual appearance platform. Participating Class Members can verbally object to the Settlement at the Final Approval Hearing. See Section 8 of the Notice found HERE.
You Can Challenge the Calculation of Your Workweeks

Written Challenges Must be Submitted by March 4, 2024
The amount of your Individual Class Payment depends on how many workweeks you worked at least one day during the Class Period. The number Class Period Workweeks you worked according to Defendants’ records is stated on the first page of this Notice. If you disagree with this number, you must challenge it by
March 4, 2024. See Section 4 of the Notice found HERE.